The stars shine bright in Tinsel-town, but none brighter than the rising star of Hollywood’s It Girl, Samantha Ash. Yet behind the wealth and fame, Samantha was fighting one of the hardest battles she’s ever had to endure- a bitter divorce and a custody battle over her two children with her powerful husband, Carl Pizzo, a high-level politician that has a strong reputation for getting what he wants by any means. Carl and his lawyers won’t seem to budge, and Samantha begins to think her children may be taken away from her. Exhausted from the endless nightmare of paparazzi and gossip columnists, Samantha decides her kids need a break and takes them on a trip to Sedona, AZ away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. The vacation takes a drastic turn when the children discover an underground cave with mysterious properties that may hold the secrets to the fabric of our reality.