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‘Portals’ The stars shine bright in Tinsel-town, but none brighter than the rising star of Hollywood’s It Girl, Samantha Ash. Yet behind the wealth and fame, Samantha was fighting one of the hardest battles she’s ever had to endure- a bitter divorce and a custody battle over her two children with her powerful husband. For investment opportunities, please inquire at cinekatfilmworks @ gmail.com.


‘The Daughters’ sizzle – Joining forces with the incredible cast, crew, and locals in Camden, SC all the way to Los Angeles, CA, the Cinekat  team brings you the epic sizzle reel for The Daughters. Set in a plantation in the rural South, The Daughters is a story deeply entrenched in heritage, tradition, and EVIL. For investment opportunities, please inquire at cinekatfilmworks @ gmail.com.

The Daughters

Not a Match! – Cinekat Filmworks brings you a Christmas tale like no other… a sneak peek at our short film Not a Match! Featuring original music from Grammy award-winning artist Jacon Bunton and animation by Juliah Rueckert, the award-winning short film Not a Match! Is available for streaming on the Roku Shorts Channel now!

Not a Match!

Guilty!Filmed against the Apple Valley backdrop in April of 2018, the ‘Best Sci-Fi Short’ award-winning film from Cinekat Filmworks is a  psychological thriller and black mirror to the cancel-culture and social media shaming world we’ve created within our current society. We’re all Guilty! of something… allegedly.


De Sade – It’s late 18th century France at the height of French nobility excess, and revolution is roaring across Europe. At the center of this convoluted drama lies a man motivated by his own desires; a man who apologizes for nothing. The creative team at Cinekat Filmworks, combined with top-notch CGI artists, have developed a first-glimpse look into the intriguing world of the provocative Marquis. Coming soon from Cinekat Filmworks… DeSade.


Hesperia – Shot in the fall of 2017 in the small, isolated desert city that shares the film’s namesake, Hesperia is the second feature film from Cinekat Filmworks. The award-winning feature film is available to stream now on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Tubi, YouTube TV, and IMDb TV!

Hesperia [TRAILER]

EVIL – In the end, there can only be one… The sizzle reel for Reflections of Evil (later re-named Evil) was shot in Cinekat Filmworks’ very own studio with sets designed and built by Executive Producers Frayne Rosanoff and Steven Helgoth. The concept, first imagined as a feature and later developed into a streaming series, pits serial killers against one another for a chance to be re-born and spread their very own Evil upon the world…

Reflections of Evil [TRAILER]

Let’s Shoot This – 2009’s Let’s Shoot This is the first short film debut from Cinekat Filmworks. Adrian Vatsky plays the role of a reluctant actor new to Hollywood, willing to do anything for that killer role… The film was shot on location in Hollywood using Cinekat Filmworks’ studios.

Let's Shoot This

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